Holiday Edition: Snowbound – The Final Countdown?

Join hosts Joe Whitaker, Corey Moss and Kym Frank as they welcome their (final?) guests:

Spence Graham – Business Development Manager at Real Digital Media (and Vice Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation)

John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology (on the phone)

Renee Benson – Account Manager – Vertical Sales – Education – NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Michelle Loret – Converged AV/IT Professional l AVoIP Enthusiast | AV Podcaster

Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager at Zoom Video Communications

Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at TierPM

Maura Quinn – Communications Specialist | IT Business Analyst at TierPM

Tim Van Woeart – Senior Project Supervisor at Rutgers University

Welcome to the AV Road House, where Joe, Corey and Kym head over for a final round (or two) – and then surprise…

The guests, who somehow also knew it was the final trip to the Road House, join for a round and the usual banter. A future woman of AV is also introduced.

Then it’s about AV and tech 2018 – Joe talks about the last thing that “wowed” him, and then all talk about it, along with when it happened (if they could remember). Then there’s what happening on Michelle’s head, which could qualify.

Then all the guests talk about their favorite AV Road House episodes, segments, moments and more.

Joe said, well – you know what. And he really meant it. Then Michelle said, well – you know what. And she really meant it.

After that you’d probably be expecting articles, discussion, and the Firing Range? Maybe even some grievances?

You’d be wrong.

There was some protest. Actually, AV Road House finally had it’s first commercial break – and then…

The end?

Episode X Marks the Spot…

Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey Moss and Kym Frank as they welcome their guests:

Jayson Savage – Western Regional Technical Manager Premium and Custom Installation products at Sony Electronics

Chris Manouel – Designer and Founder at Thenos, Founder and President at Honest Install

Mark Vogel – Vice President Business Development at Hauk Technologies

Mike Shinn – Vice President, Operations at South Central AV

After introductions and discussion (especially ‘what’s IoT got to do with it’) with the guests, there’s really not much to say here but Joe talks – and everyone goes “huh?”

Stories for Episode 10:

The “Fake it and Make it” dept.

Data Breach Today – Face Off: Researchers Battle AI-Generated Deep Fake Videos

Is Your President really your President? And how would we really know the difference anyway?

The “Your App is Selling You Out” dept.

The New York Times – Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

You use a smartphone and an app, your data may be sold to everyone from advertisers to hedge fund managers. Blame Steve Jobs. Bless Kym(Data).

And Finally…

In the Firing Range:

The “Our Lawers are on Standby” dept.  

Mashable – The man making stripper robots in a world increasingly dominated by sexbots (aka. This artist built a stripper robot 10 years ago. Now his creation’s gone beyond his control).

Listen in, there are even for and against teams (art vs. not), read the show title, then read the title again. There’s talk about CES, cameras for heads, a pig baby, and Joe’s final commentary.


One team still wins though…

Afterward, the show censor, editor and producer all got together to provide the final blow.

Don’t miss it.

Episode 9: Help I’ve Fallen Into the AV Industry and I Can’t Get Out (Part Deux)

Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey MossKym Frank and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Kelly Perkins – Education Foundation Program Director at NSCA

Renee Benson – Account Manager – Vertical Sales – Education – NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Michelle Loret – Converged AV/IT Professional l AVoIP Enthusiast | AV Podcaster (and a host of The AV Life)

Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager at Zoom Video Communications

Make sure you listen to Episode 9 Part 1 first (or this won’t make any sense).

More stories for Episode 9:

The “Tutoring?” dept. 

Apple says it will tutor women in bid to diversify tech industry

Can tutoring really be the answer? Should it be a focus on STEM education? Do more educated and highly interested women need to be encouraged to join the tech industry? (Just thinking aloud here).

And knowing that this is never enough…

In the Firing Range:

The “Will the Pests Inherit the Earth?” dept.

Why Google is killing off Fresno’s mosquitoes

Playing god – it’s a thing you know. One person goes out of turn, one person sits on the fence, and the hot streak just may end here (plus it has nothing to do with mosquitoes). True suspense.


Episode 9: Help I’ve Fallen Into the AV Industry and I Can’t Get Out (Part 1)

Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey MossKym Frank and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Kelly Perkins – Education Foundation Program Director at NSCA

Renee Benson – Account Manager – Vertical Sales – Education – NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Michelle Loret – Converged AV/IT Professional l AVoIP Enthusiast | AV Podcaster

Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager at Zoom Video Communications

Join Joe, Corey, Kym and Kaleo as they welcome some of those superstar women of the AV industry, and Gabe, who we found out comes with every Zoom videoconference (at no extra charge).

All talk about getting into the AV industry, how it happened, and we also found out how Kym became a part of all of this – that it’s really all one person’s fault. Renee we believe texted him immediately during the show.

Kelly talks about the NSCA, Ignite and raising AV industry awareness. Joe talks about how it’s possible – and how it’s all about the industry, and not just commercial or residential. A very good conversation, one that all in the industry should listen to, including what they can do to become a part of the efforts. Michelle mentions the NSCA and BLC, and a little branding confusion ensues.

Next all talk about industry award nominations – yep, more confusion.

Then comes discussion of the holidays and Renee drops some big news! No, it has nothing to do with NEC. Gabe, who mostly sat and listened to the whole thing finally talks – and it rhymes with boom, room and zoom (wait, it is Zoom – or maybe even Zoom Rooms).

Stories for Episode 9:

The “Nosy Neighbor Tech” dept.

How Ring’s Neighbors app is making home security a social thing

More stories to come in Part 2!

Episode 8: AV Jobs, Dr. Quinn Social Media Woman and Black Friday Bears & Mimes

Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey MossKym Frank and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at TierPM

Maura Quinn – Communications Specialist | IT Business Analyst at TierPM

Alternate title: AV Recruiting, Social Media Doctor in the House and Gobble, Gobbling our way to Madness!

It’s two shows in one (that begins with an outtake…)

Join Joe, Corey, Kym, Kaleo and da bears as they welcome two great people from top AV industry recruiting company TierPM as the week after Thanksgiving and Black Friday begins (and Cyber Monday doesn’t matter). Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? Did they go shopping on Black Friday? And who was that person in the bear costume?

Marika and Maura (Mara, don’t call me Maura) talk about Tier PM and what they do – we learn that Marika and her partners started TierPM to bring direct AV industry awareness to recruiting in terms of the various jobs, classification and qualifications (she talks about her IT background as well), and how Maura is their social media person interacting with the AV masses on Twitter.

Might we have finally found a recruiter for the residential market? Joe is certainly pushing for it with Marika. How about OOH? Kym actually needs to do some real work explaining to Marika what the heck OOH is. Then they talk about data lakes and dumps, and all really goes downhill from there.

Stories for Episode 8:

The ‘Someone Decided to Start Black Friday Early and We’re Not Happy!’ dept.

Black Friday deals sold out at stores like Walmart and Target before Friday even began — and people are furious

The true psychology of Black Friday shopping, and the mime effect.

Then it’s time for that segment all know, love and can’t turn themselves away from – The S**** That Joe Says! *

The ‘Gift that Keeps on Giving, and Taking’ dept.

Best Buy to Focus on Total Tech Support as ‘Giftable’ Holiday Item

Joe knows tech support – and why this could be considered important, or bull****.

The ‘Are You Ready to be Judged?’ department

A social credit system, blacklisting and internet slow down. This is scary.

And, if this all wasn’t classic enough…

In the Firing Range:

The ‘Door to Door Driverless Vacation’ dept.

Self-driving hotel suites could dramatically change the way we travel

Teams form (even teams finally as Joe’s turkey took a powder), one for, one against, and the winners pull a fast one – with a mime and a hashtag.

We hope you enjoyed that Black Friday trample you were involved in, now get a job and take a non-driverless trip to the Road House with us!

*Note: Our new AV Road House censor quit midway through the show. We have enlisted TierPM to find us a new one – this will take 3-5 months. Blame Joe (as usual). 


Episode 7: The Thoughtful Dysfunctional Thanksgiving You Never Expected

This episode is sponsored by: The Thoughtful Home

Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey Moss and Kym Frank as they welcome:

Tim Van Woeart – Senior Project Supervisor at Rutgers University

Brent (Bill Board) Baer (he was on the last show – and he stayed on for this one)

Ah yes, the holidays. We begin with Halloween – and if you’re not already annoyed about having to trick or treat with the kids, make those homemade costumes (unless you want to spend $150 for a quality one), cringing when you begin hearing Christmas music playing in the malls (jeez give us a break) and are already being bugged to get a Christmas tree – well you just may be ready for this episode of AV Road House.

So bring your turkey hat (or football cap) and get ready for a no-holds barred dysfunctional AV family episode!

All begin talking about dysfunctional family holiday memories, and exactly what makes them cringe-worthy (umm, maybe politics?). Joe does an impression – we believe he nailed it (his cold helped out).

Remember the days at the Thanksgiving family kids table? Everybody here does – find out who got to the adult’s table first (and may have regretted it), whose got there but the cousins are still there, and who waited forever to get there.

Kym talks about about coconut custard pie wars, then another story about a thrown whipped cream can from Tim. Bill never actually left the adult table. You have to hear this.

Stories for Episode 7:

The ‘AI Finally Comes to Thanksgiving’ department

New technology aims to stop ‘turkey theft’ this Thanksgiving by Staff

The ‘When the Data Drives You on Thanksgiving’ department

Google Maps data may help you avoid Thanksgiving crowds on the roads by Edward C. Baig/USA Today

The ‘Hate/Hate Relationship with the Holidays’ department

10 Things I Hate About the Holidays by Jen Mann/People I Want to Punch in the Throat

And in the Firing Range:

The ‘Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane, is it an Interstellar Discharge?’ department

Why a new discovery in outer space means humans should keep an ‘open mind’ about extraterrestrial life by Laura Galligan/CNBC

So go back to the present (no not presents) with us, don’t be a pumpkin everything hater, and have yourself a wonderful dysfunctional Thanksgiving!

Episode 6: OOH, Data and The Future – Where Are We?

Join hosts Corey MossKym Frank and guest host Kasie Grant as they welcome:

Dylan Mabin – Senior Vice President at Geopath

Ryan Kinskey – Co-Founder at Intermx

Andrea Messimer – Director of New Business Development and Marketing at Circle Graphics

Brent “Bill Board” Baer – Consulting for baerboards, llc and

There was secret word, and a prize – find out who guessed it. Then all of a sudden there were two winners. Listen in.

The podcast begins with introduction of the guests, OOH and WOOH. We kid you not.

Join the hosts and their guests on a ride into the future (in a rented Toyota Corolla) as they take a look at out-of-home, data, VR, autonomous cars and more – envisioning a new reality of OOH advertising. Is it real, is it possible, is it controversial?

Well, if nothing else it was funny.

It is the AV Road House remember…

Then there’s something about growing billboards out of the ground. Then Brent (aka. Bill Board) speaks, talks about a billboard-less world, and all chaos breaks out.

We actually recommended that Brent be removed from the industry, but he’d just get a job in kiosks.

Stories for Episode 6:

The ‘This Fumble is Sponsored By’ department:

The NFL wants to get rid of ‘billboard’ ads during games to appease modern TV audiences by Sean Keeley/Awful Announcing.

Is it time for the sponsored fumble, field goal and flag thrown for yet another junk roughing the passer call to end already?

The ‘Tech Buzz Word Bingo’ department: 

The Amazing Ways Toyota Is Using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Robots by Bernard Marr/Forbes.

An excellent conversation here, and if there aren’t enough technology buzz words thrown into the title, how many more did the participants throw in? And how many buzz words are there to replace “Bill Board” because there apparently aren’t any more billboards in this future according to him (where he now no longer exists).

Then, it’s time for teams to form and get ready for…

The Firing Range

The ‘Can Anything and Everything Be Hacked?’ department: 

How medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps can be hacked – CBS News.

Can it be hacked? Can it be controlled? Did someone switch teams to help the other one win? Check this one out.

So exit the Toyota, enter the Road House, and experience a future that no one was planning!

Note: There are no “words” or double entendres, but there are dark political fantasies. Joe’s not here to blame. 

Episode 5: SurgeX, (Resi)Office Space, XR and Vote With Me – Feel the Power!

This episode is sponsored by: SurgeX

Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey Moss, and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Lauren Simmen – Manager, Marketing at AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection, SurgeX and ESP

Jimmy Paschke – Director of Sales at SurgeX Residential

John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology

Mark Vogel – Vice President of Business Development at Hauk Technology

Joe, Corey and Kaleo hit the road for a 5th time and head to the Road House with their guests, while Kym has the show off.  Data sanity check we believe. Lauren Simmen and Jimmy Paschke join to talk everything SurgeX – what you need to know on the residential and commercial side with the guests from residential and commercial integration as well.

And it’s the return of John Greene! So, you ask? We asked the same thing. Mark Vogel also drops in and that makes the Firing Range teams uneven – but better. Ethan Lee set dad up at the beginning, said hi, and it was time to leave when Joe talked about (you know).

Joe’s birthday is coming up in Indianapolis on Saturday – listen in for this conversation!

Along with this, Corey and John talk about New York Digital Signage Week – and they get a bit controversial. And if you have power needs for digital signage integration – you know who to go to.

Stories for Episode 5:

The ResiOfficeSpace department: 


(a focus on ‘Resimercial & Resitality: The Impact of Commercial and Hospitality Design on Residential Spaces’)

And the Biamp barista!

The AV AR/VR/XR… Reality department: 

VR Days Europe shows the Business Benefits of Mixed Reality – Convergent AV.

Yes, all get real about the three R’s – and how can this be of benefit to the AV industry (you all remember drones and 3D right?)

Then, the seven enter…

The Vote -Carefully- With Me department 

A new app called Vote With Me lets you see the voting record and political party of every contact in your phone by Avery Hartmans/Business Insider.

All talk about voting, the app, nosy people, saving marriages, there’s a protest, a semi-submission – and this may have to be continued next election day!

So… step in, get real and power up with us in the Road House!

Note: There’s language, double entendres — wait we said that last time. We blame Joe, and John (oh heck let’s just blame it on everyone on every show).

Episode 4: Giving Props to Sonos, and We Fight For Your Right to Rage Against AI!

This episode is sponsored by: Sonos 

Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey MossKym Frank and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Chris Thorp – US Head of Field Sales at Sonos, Inc.

Rich Ventura – Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions

JJ Canon – Owner at Digital Delight

So originally, there were four hosts and two invited guests. Then one guest couldn’t make it. Then Kym called Rich and he put aside his digital signage hat (for NY Digital Signage Week) to join as a guest for the second time. Then, not to be outdone, Joe conjures up his good friend JJ Canon, another resident Sonos expert, who brings the unexpected – but most excellent.



All begin talking, getting to know one another, trying to get on track — and Joe and Corey can’t figure out who’s hosting this show.

Kym saves the day (In Kym We Trust), and Kaleo – he’s always happy to be along for the ride!

The show begins with the brand new segment “The **** That Joe Says!” Does Joe deliver?

And what does Chris think about it? (the sponsor, y’know).

Joe pops out, Corey talk a bit about NYDSW, Nashville and more (the #AVRoadTrip) – and then Joe pops back in…

With a special hat!

Joe talks Sonos with Chris as he’s had a long relationship with the company, as has JJ. He also talks about #SonosDoesCare – listen in.

Stories for Episode 4:

The “They Might Be Giants?” department:

“Sonic Switzerland” Can Sonos beat back the tech giants? – The Economist.

There is also an unscheduled unauthorized #KymData segment which wasn’t sponsored by Sonos. Find out who did.

The They’re Big in Japan” department: 

Sonos Launches Full Lineup of Premium Speakers in Japan – Business Wire.

The “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Listen!)” department: 

Sonos Play:5 Beastie Boys Edition Brings Epic Sound to Live & Direct Tour – AP.

After some more classic (?) banter – it’s time! Corey and Joe’s teams are chosen again to return to…

The Firing Range!

The “Rage Against the AI – is this Art?” department: 

Christie’s sells its first AI portrait for $432,500, beating estimates of $10,000 – by James Vincent/The Verge.

No reverse round this time, as there is a hands-down winning team…

So grab a bar stool, rock out with Sonos (& the Beastie Boys!) – and enjoy the show!

Note: There’s language, and we just can’t blame Joe for this **** anymore. 


Episode 3: Signal Transparency, Microchips and Millennials – Shots Fired!

This episode is sponsored by:

Join hosts Joe Whitaker, Corey Moss and Kym Frank as they welcome their guests:

Mark Vogel – Vice President of Business Development at Hauk Technologies

John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology

Kasie Grant – Marketing Manager at Baker Audio Visual

Back to the Road House for the third episode of a brand new industry podcast – call it the show you hear but don’t see — yet (might be a threat).

Corey talks about a favorite road food endorsed by AV Road House (besides 7-11 chimichangas). Kym talks camo hats (wait for it).

Corey also talks with Kasie about her being a Crew member for the first time on The AV Life (Episode 105). Kym talks about hosting a podcast for the first time on last week’s show. Kevin talks about Hauk Technology. John just talks.

Stories for Episode 3:

The “#KymData” department 

Smart home tech makers don’t want to say if the feds come for your data by Zack Whittaker/TechCrunch.

The “Merger Wave” department

CEO Interview: The Scoop on AVAD, WAVE Electronics Merger by Julie Jacobsen/CE Pro.

After this discussion, Kasie talks about Baker Audio Visual, and a very well-known band they provided audio equipment for. John talks about New Era Technology and the transition that his original integration company went through to become a part of New Era.

Then all play “who is your favorite band member” based on that band Baker Audio Visual provided the audio equipment for.

Then, all enter “The Firing Range” (the new segment).

The “Bizarre Tech” department 

Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin by Maddy Savage/NPR.

There’s a team for, a team against – then Joe throws in a “reversal” with the final lightening round. Who wins?

There were also hats.

So pick up some beef jerky, re-enter the AV Road House — and enjoy the show!